Sunday, November 10, 2013


This was my first experience making a unicorn costume. I was inspired to incorporate a couple notions of mythical horses:

the idea of a dark horse (a little known person/thing that emerges to prominence, a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed) 

a work horse (a hard working person) 
specifically, I loved the feathering and musculature of a Clydesdale.


HEAD: I cut up an old pair of spandex pants and draped them to make a hood which I attached the head to. The head itself has ears reinforced by cardboard, painted paper eyes, wrapped rope nostrils, and a mane of spray painted trash bags.

LEG WARMERS: I measured fabric to make bell bottom leg warmers and ruched strips of fabric to create volume.

TAIL: This is made with strips of spray painted trash bags that I attached to a fanny pack I had made previously.

SKIRT: Two skirts, one a-line, one circle. I attached these together at the waist, installed two zippers, and ruched a stiff gauzy fabric to create volume.

GLOVES: I traced my wrists, allowed for seam allowances, and cut an area to install zippers. I spray painted trims I had laying around and stitched them over one another. I thought these had a nice relationship to the leg warmers.