Sunday, June 6, 2010


Subtitle: Mixed Messages and Conflicted Feelings

I have very conflicted feelings about holidays, particularly when I don't want to care. Enter: February 14th, 2010. 
I found myself reflecting on the nature of sexual relations and how we are often very deceptive or unclear about our intentions, feelings, and desires due to fear. I wanted to take back the reins, get confrontational and aggressive. I came up with this idea for a slut shirt and a sharpie tattoo. 

Here is what happened:
I learned to use my sewing machine and altered men's XXL shirts from the thrift store into really trashy t-shirt dresses. Kinko's closed and I didn't know how to transfer this text to fabric. Lisa Pixley came to my rescue and taught me how to silkscreen shirts. This was a success and I was excited.

This was supposed to be a performance-based project. I had two slut shirts so that I could make a slut out of whichever old friend, new friend, acquaintance or new love or lust interest I acquired along my way. I was going to get gutsy.

I got nervous. I took a nap. I woke up too late to do any damage and purchased a Heineken, Sunchips, and M&M's and went home.
Valentine's Day won. Again.

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